Growing up, I cannot remember a time when I did not see a child working as a household servant. Child labour isn’t modern to Pakistan. It has been amongst us for a really long time. Fifty-three percent male while forty-six percent female children, rather than getting to school are working within the nation. The participation of children in schools at essential level is exceptionally low nearly forty-four percent remained out of school for child labour.

 What is child labour?

It is the practices of having children lock in financial activity. On part and full time premise. Child labor is a phenomenon in which underage children are constrained, either by their family or due to their financial condition, to work in eateries, inns, workshops, auto shops, manufacturing plants, and even shops. The practice denies children of their childhood and is destructive to their physical and mental improvement.
Most individuals who utilize underage laborers demand that children do a better   work looking after other children. The logic is twisted and brutal. In reality, young laborers are underpaid, undernourished, misused and regularly treated unfeelingly. The cash, they gain, is passed onto their guardians who either desperately need the accounts or ought to reimburse debts. Does anybody anticipate a child, of perhaps five, to be mindful of his/her work rights? Stop for a moment and consider what kind of an individual your child will develop up to be in case he/she is permitted to boss around another child.

Child labor has pernicious results for the child and society. Essentially, child labor will transmute into crude labor and furthermore, it’ll lead to an acceleration in wrongdoing. Where we are as of now confronting the threat of street crime. Additionally, Child labor makes and propagates poverty. Moreover, the financial results of juvenile industry are gigantic. These effects incorporate unemployment, deficiently wage rates, restricted human capital, and lessening international trade, moderate technological progress.
Hence these kids don’t get any schooling, discouraging the overall monetary progress of the state. Moreover, physical wellbeing; wounds among working children is most common including removal, burns, breaks, rankles hands due to carpet market, exposure to poisons in chemical industry can cause asthma and in some cases leukemia from occupational exposure to benzene, farm labor may be a major supporter of child dismalness and mortality. Mental wellbeing – headaches, a sleeping disorder, asthenia, stretch, depression, substance abuse, confinement, sexual abuse (Srivastava, 2012). Child labor may be a frame of juvenile abuse. Children are abused by guardians and employers.

How to Stop/Discourage Child Labor?

How can we halt this? It’s the duty of both; we as individuals and the government. The government is performing its small bit part in it but not with genuineness. They are avoiding these exercises in a few ranges whereas in a few zones they are not doing their work successfully. Police once in a month conducts raid on them, but within some hours, we discover the children back on their jobs.

 As a great citizen it is our duty to be mindful and not enlist a child as an employee, carry out awareness sessions to teach board members and guardians to maintain a strategic distance from such acts, and to spread the significance of education. At community level, collaboration with partners can make linkage between communities to fortify family income. At the conclusion, it is the government’s preeminent duty to cut this fiendish act from its root. There ought to be requirement of labor laws, firm arrangements and laws for least age to work (i.e. underneath the 14 year child are prohibited), promotion of family planning; concurring to USAID, government ought to increment family salary, take awareness raising campaigns and guarantee essential education of children.


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