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Dutch Social Media’s obsession with its 15-year-old Princess

Dutch Social Media’s obsession with its 15-year-old Princess

The royal family of the Netherlands has often been able to keep their faces and names out of social media and tabloids. Although, after the recent King’s Day celebration, one name has been abundant on Dutch social media accounts: Princess Alexia, the king’s 15-year-old daughter.

Roddeloverzicht: Scheldende prinses Alexia en Matthijs' angsten ...

April 27 is King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, also known as “King’s Day.” For 2020, due to the restrictions with COVID-19, the royal family produced a number of at-home videos to share the day with the public instead of the usual festivities. In these videos, the showcasing of the 3 daughters was viewed where afterwards, the Dutch Gen Z turned to social media to share their opinions on the princesses. The clear theme of these posts were the physical appearances of the royal family, more specifically, Alexia’s attractiveness. There seemed to be a surprise factor in seeing the princess in a candid light which brought attention to the 15-year-old princess. Posts emerged about her appearance in comparison to her parents as well as her sisters. Distracted Boyfriend Meme |  ALLE JOCHIES OP INSTAGRAM; ONZE TOEKOMSTIGE KONINGIN AMALIA; ALEXIA | image tagged in memes,distracted boyfriend | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Alexia van Oranje also has her own Tik Tok account with the username @alexiavano_ and with her newly acquired fame,  it appears that the public has started to criticise and scrutinize her actions in these videos; with allegations regarding her smoking, potential use of the n-word in a song and more. As the infatuation with the princess grew, the other 2 princesses were also demeaned when Alexia the “pretty princess” got more attention relative to her sisters. 

The royal family in every country often has stages where they are in the limelight with Alexia “up to bat” in the Netherlands. What is alarming is the sexual commentary on an underage girl that has been thrown around online, keeping in mind that the princesses are all very normal teenage girls who happen to have been born into a royal title. The attention on Alexia often goes too far with some memes – which despite their humor –  spread dirty humour about the teenage princesses. 


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