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Eco-dosti: where students are fighting ecowars!

Eco-dosti: where students are fighting ecowars!

Though the past year has seen national (and, indeed, global) discourse focus on the war waged by the coronavirus and its harrowing consequences, many have gleaned an unintended consequence: the environment – evidently, a simultaneous benefactor and victim of the global pandemic currently disrupting lives across the globe.

The environment seemed to be benefiting from social isolation of the global population, as polluted waters cleared up and trees regrew in the absence of human intervention, but the increased output of plastic – by way of increased production of medical equipment – seems to have reversed that progress.

Pakistan, of course, is no exception, with Lahore topping the world’s most polluted cities index. However, with initiatives like Eco Dosti, the nation can yet have hope.

What does Eco Dosti do?

Eco Dosti is a ‘student-led organization advocating for the betterment of the environment.’ 

Currently, the organisation participates in spreading awareness about the nation’s greenery and the way in which the population is damaging it. Eco Dosti does this by way of appealing infographics, engaging interviews with prominent activists, and inviting do-it-yourself tutorials for more sustainable alternatives to necessities that are damaging to the environment. 

Most notably, Eco Dosti has launched a ‘Save Water’ campaign where the organisation spreads awareness on what the average Pakistani can do to aid the global issue of a declining water supply. So far, Eco Dosti has provided its followers with infographics detailing how to save water at home, and eye-opening statistics about Pakistan’s contribution to the global water crisis. 

Currently, Eco Dosti is engaging in collaborations with other prominent organisations. One example is its project with Door of Awareness, where volunteers of Eco Dosti visited charity schools operated by Door of Awareness to participate in clean-up drives and talks about environmental awareness. 


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