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Fashion of color by people of color


For decades, Black creatives have been exploited in the fashion industry. It is evident that Black designers, even today, do not have the same support as their peers. 

Due to recent police brutality against black people, the #BlackLivesMatter movement is on the rise and you can be a part of it too. 

While there are numerous ways to support the cause such as by signing petitions, donating money to organizations, and joining protests, the key way to support the Black community is by shopping at their businesses and giving them fair recognition.

Black people are unfairly targeted by the police. They make up 13.4% of the total population but account for an estimated 41% of fatal police shootings.

Meanwhile, other communities of colour such as South Asians are racially profiled by automation: namely, airport scanners. This profiles them based on aspects of their appearance and subjects them to prolonged searches that white people are not exposed to. Instagram has also come under heavy controversy for its new brownface filter called “choco-skin.” 

East Asians have long been termed ‘yellow’ by white people, in efforts to distance white people and their perceived superiority from this demographic.

This discriminatory view spills into the professional world as capable candidates are overlooked for positions for which they are often overqualified, leaving them financially worse off than their white counterparts. Thus, it is important that we direct the energy and resources that we can to such people and business, ensuring they get the success and recognition they deserve.

When we think of shopping, the first few brands that pop up in our mind are H&M, Zara, Forever 21, TopShop and so on. However, it’s time to switch and uplift smaller businesses, established by the people of color, in need rather than the widely-known ones. 

This will not only help those businesses run better but it may become a hit to these big brands and their continuous monopoly and also give recognition to the people of color. The reason we feel like it is time that we help run all those business that can help all races and end the superiority complex which certain companies have started to gain and it is not like you are discouraged of shopping there it’s just that it’s time we give chance to someone new with something unique and different which will help us as a community grow.

The stores and brands included here come from various sources such as Instagram, Teen Vogue, a website called Black-Owned Brooklyn, among others. 




A swimsuit brand that supports women of all sizes, for all seasons.

Andrea Iyamah


A swimwear brand founded by Dumebi Iyamah, inspired by her Nigerian background and culture.

Gabi Fresh x SwimsuitsForAll


A collaboration between Gabi Fresh and SwimsuitsForAll (a size-inclusive swimwear brand) featuring a variety of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.


Anya Lust (@anya_lust)

An online luxury lingerie brand with pieces by smaller high-end designers.


Founded by Tween CEO Aiya Steed (@amiyathecelebkid), this brand designs custom footwear and has a fun, colourful streetwear vibe to it.

Brother Vellies


A Brooklyn-based designer with artisans right from Nairobi to New York.


 AMAK by Amiya


 Bernard James


A simplistic and chic Brooklyn-based jewellery brand.

Coco & Breezy


A popular eyewear brand famous for its unique and vibrant designs.

Octave Jewelry


A small jewelry brand with sculpted metal and stone, perfect if you’re going for an ethnic and classy look!




A brand famous for its cocktail wear and red carpet looks.

Gizmo Vintage Honey


Looking for edgy retro boyfriend jeans? Or a patchwork graffiti top? This Brooklyn-based brand has it all!

Maki Oh


A chic womenswear brand that intertwines traditional African designs in neoteric, contemporary styles.

Similarly, let us bring forth examples of Asian-owned brands that need more attention.

Sana  Safinaz


A Pakistan women-owned clothing brand well-known for its luxurious material and exuberant designs.



A brand that works with indie artists to product handmade handbags

TRUST Studios


A brand focusing on minimalist yet essential streetwear. 


EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan


A brand well-known due to the reputation of its founder, renowned beauty influencer Michelle Phan.

Glow Recipe by Sarah Lee and Christen Chang


The brand specialises in Korean beauty and skincare

Live Tinted


A South-Asian female-owned brand focusing on facial products.


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