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How You Can Get Anything in Just 17 Seconds

How You Can Get Anything in Just 17 Seconds

Everybody has goals they want to achieve. Everybody has something they want but seems so out of their reach. These goals often require hard work and may seem impossible to accomplish, but what if you could attain those dreams just by attracting them into your life with your mind?

The Law of Attraction (LOA):

The LOA is the philosophy that a person attracts whatever they are thinking, whether those are negative or positive thoughts; this shows what the person actually desires and what he or she will do to achieve that very thing. The Law of Attraction is continuously working regardless if one may be aware of it or not. When talking about the Law of Attraction the most common word used is manifestation. Manifestation is when one creates their reality and brings their negative or positive thoughts into existence which can have all kinds of impacts but this is something as a human you cannot escape. The Law Of Attraction will always work no matter what you do or think.

The 17-Second Rule:

Abraham Hicks, an American inspirational speaker who has given countless teachings on the LOA states that if you hold a pure thought for 17 seconds, the law of attraction will begin, but if you focus that thought for 68 seconds, the process of manifestation will start and the person will continue to think about that desire he or she wants no matter how badly they want it which gives a lot about the Law Of Attraction.

The first step for this rule to work is to be in a positive mindset; your energy vibrations must be high. You can do this by setting your intentions; say what is it you want out loud with your eyes closed. You can also do anything that makes you laugh or smile; watching your favorite series or listening to music. After you have reached a steady and positive vibration, set a timer for 17 seconds. During the 17 seconds, focus all your attention on what it is that you want. When the 17 seconds is over, start a new timer for 68 seconds.  Repeat positive affirmations and truly believe that you have already achieved your goal. If it is a new car you want, repeat phrases such as ‘I love my new car’, ‘it is in my garage’, ‘I feel so much gratitude’, ‘I am receiving so many compliments on my new car’. Always repeat phrases in the present tense. When the 68 seconds is over, make sure you do not self-perpetuate and think of negative thoughts.

Every second of your day, you are attracting things into your life. Thinking negatively, attracts negative. Start thinking positively to attract positive as well. You are capable of achieving anything you want. Set your intentions, do not give yourself another excuse! Stop being lazy. ‘The sky is not the limit, your mind is.’ Lynette Simon.