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Irteqaa – Promising Pakistan a Future

Irteqaa – Promising Pakistan a Future

What is Irteqaa?

Irteqaa is a media organization aimed at educating people about the injustice that encapsulates our society, a phenomenon that shapes our identities and awareness that revolutionizes the world. We primarily focus on Pakistan, using research and information to portray issues as attractive info-graphics on Instagram to maximise effectiveness. The word ‘Irteqaa’ itself refers to ‘evolution’.

Why was Irteqaa started?

Irteqaa was founded by Aina Nadeem and Eliza Fatima to educate the youth on the origins of different problems taking place around the world from the comfort of their home. Instagram is a fast-paced app and a platform where people are free to give their opinions on issues, however, this causes an overflow of information and legitimate issues are lost. Users would share stories about cases circulating and would form uninformed opinions on it, further leading in an increase in misinformation. People may not be interested in searching up about the issue on another platform and so, our role is to bring authentic and researched information to Instagram and to give a real version of the world.

Irteqaa came to us as this opportunity to evaluate what we knew about Pakistan and our people, the problems we face every day and where they’re rooted in. We had the opportunity to construct the basis for an organisation that promises to raise more informed individuals and make it a personal responsibility we had to fulfil.

What do we do?

Irteqaa is synonymous with being conscientious. It’s about recognising the systemic and systematic problems that lie in our community and structure in attempts to collectively become better, to learn and most importantly to inform. Essentially, it comes down exactly to what it translates to: it’s about that one revolutionary moment we decide to be aware.

Initially, it started as a few individuals with an idea of what they wanted, but no set plan. As the organisation expanded, the work became more extensive: from dealing with interns and members, ensuring a punctual posting schedule, looking into the logistics of specific departments, monitoring projects, brainstorming on ideas and advising on significant decisions after discussions.

Irteqaa is the only media-based organisation led by students, with a workload schedule devised specifically for students. Moreover, at a time when Pakistan is in its wave of activism with a dire

need for accountability and accurate information, Irteqaa does exactly that. As we expand from objective infographics to more opinion-based pieces and research projects, we aim to make Irteqaa more inclusive and an opportunity for individuals to learn what’s been hidden by mainstream media for so long.

What sets it apart?

Irteqaa is a non-profit media organisation, so what sets us apart from other media organisations is that we do not only express views but actively ease people into tolerating clashing views. We are advocating for discourse and peaceful existence of various opinions within one nation. We provide an avenue for new people, especially the youth, to amplify their voices and educate others on long-avoided issues. We care about important perspectives to come out as truth while also talking about controversial things. We post news and controversies like Hayat Baloch, which was censored on media outlets by the PEMRA, as well as Pashtun Tehreek Movement (PTM).

Irteqaa is purely based on educating and informing people, especially our youth, something which other non-profit organisations are not currently doing. Education is as important as tangible charity work, as it changes beliefs from the depths of mind. We do talk about global issues, but our priority has always been educating Pakistani youth, who know much about western culture, but not ours. It is removing our past from our books, media and our new generation. So, our main aim is to provide attractive content to the youth which is related to Pakistan.

At the end of the day, we are trying to change the problematic perceptions of people while simultaneously trying to make them more tolerant to different, acceptable views by informing them. We are teaching them what schools may have never taught but are equally necessary. Even if a minute percentage of the population changes and makes this country a better place because of us, we would have achieved our goal.

Conclusive note:

Irteqaa is what this fast-paced world needs as it sums up the essence of multiple articles. Besides that, Irteqaa also brings a fresh perspective to the community as it is led by students and so keeps in mind the ever-changing needs of the youth. The extensively researched articles and outstanding designing is portrayed on our Instagram page.


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