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“Issi ki ghalti hogi”

“Issi ki ghalti hogi”

It was her first appearance in a shaadi ever since the divorce. She kept overthinking about how and if the society would ever accept her, since her ex-husband had verbally divorced her and kicked her out of the house in the middle of the night. 

Over 23% of the suicide attempts are by individuals who have experienced divorced, which clearly implies that it is time society starts caring about those who go through the experience, instead of offering judgements. 

Maa, what if they don’t accept me?” she asked her mother. 

Meri jaan, Shanzey, why are you worrying? He was cheating on you. He hurt you. Please don’t over think about it. You have to face those vultures someday.” Her mother replied. 

“Why can’t I just stay in my room?” She said, earning a stare from her mother. 

It was a short trip to the shaadi hall. A shiver ran down her spine when they pulled up at the entrance. As soon as she got out of the car, she could feel people staring at her. She helped her mother out of the car and went towards the entrance where guests were being greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Afzal. Shanzey could not help but notice Mrs. Afzal giving her a judgmental look. 

The hall was filling up. She could see some familiar faces. As she trailed behind her mother with her head down, she felt stares bore into her back, as the whispers she first heard upon entering the hall grew louder. 

“She did not try at all!”

“Ayan was such a good boy. Agar bacha hojata toh saari problems theek hojati.”

“Abb divorcee se kon shaadi karega.”

“Issi ki ghalti hogi.”

She kept walking with her face down but was soon stopped by her mom’s friend, Baby aunty. 

“Shanzey beta, don’t you look lovely? Waisey girls aren’t supposed to dress up so vibrantly after a divorce.”

Shanzey looked down at what she was wearing and then at her mother who looked at her friend. 

“Baby, how are you?” my mother said trying to change the topic while giving my hand a squeeze. 

“Good Good. bara afsoos hoa.” She said with a twisted smile on her face.  

Shanzey’s mother gave her ‘friend’ a tight lipped smile and pulled her daughter away. 

Shanzey thought they were leaving but her mother turned around towards her other ‘friend’.

Mujhey bhi bara afsoos hoa when I accepted your nephew’s proposal for my daughter. I guess manipulation and cheating runs in the family.” Shanzey’s mother said and then walked out of the hall with Shanzey walking behind her. 


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