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Male Privilege

Male Privilege
Pakistani women held a public march in Karachi to mark International Women's Day -- and call for justice.

Male privilege: indeed, it exists. 

You know how there’s an alleged good and bad side to every single dilemma in this world? For instance, with the divisions of Sunni and Shia Muslims or the White community against the Black community and countless more religious, economical, and societal issues, which force us to either choose the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ side. Ethically, there can never be a good and a bad side because both sides show their own pros and cons that we are bound to accept, but problematically these ethics themselves can’t be traced in the majority of the world’s eight billion population. Acknowledging the issue I’m referring to – male privilege – not only requires a basic knowledge of ethics and morals, but more than that it needs – no, it craves – common sense and decency on the part of human beings

See the basic issue with male privilege is that either you know it exists or you don’t, but there isn’t ever any middle ground. Approximately, only 5-25 percent of males actually come to the realisation that they live, breath and sleep privilege. If you’re still confused as to what male privilege refers to, here are a few examples to help you understand: when a woman reaches a certain high rank in her job (that is if she even gets hired in the first place), people will automatically assume that she worked her way up brainwashing/seducing superiors because of her sex. But if you’re a man in a high-ranking position, you are praised for having worked hard day and night. 

 For all those thinking that Male Privilege is just a term used by whites, let’s look at Pakistani Politics for more clarity. Off the top of your minds, you can name only 3 or 4 significant Women Politicians who were able to make their mark in this country and defy all odds, but 85% of Pakistani political parties are filled up with greedy ill-literate men who do nothing but tear this country’s future apart piece by piece and keep the power and stances of women in politics oppressed. And still our nation is led to believe that men can do more for this country than women.

Walking down the street without people constantly staring at you, whistling and cat-calling you is a privilege, being allowed to hang out all night with your friends without any sentimental fear is a privilege, getting to choose where you want to study academics from or what career path you want to follow solely based on your dreams and desires is a privilege. Having value-neutral clothing available to you without being termed an attention seeking wh**e is a privilege and not having anyone question your ability to make significant decisions independently is a privilege. 

Toxic Masculinity is most abundant in places where women are brainwashed into thinking that they don’t have a voice or can’t be given a chance to fight for their rights. Women of all ages, ranging from 4 to 13 to even 40 year adults live most of their lives in an unprivileged fearsome world where being fair and just is like mixing oil and water, you don’t ever see it. Male Privilege has been an issue for centuries, even dating back to the times of Islam’s Holy Prophet who himself stressed in his Farewell Address how significant it was to treat each and every woman the same way we do our sons, brothers, fathers and the male species as a whole. 

Equality is a right; it doesn’t deserve credit whenever we see a man treat a woman fairly. It’s time to cancel this privilege once and for all and stand up for our sisters, our mothers and our women, to call out this privilege face-to-face and look it dead in the eye with absolutely no fear. Only then can society bring about a significant change in the way which people think others should be treated.


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