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Men of Faith

Men of Faith

we are men of faith,
running through the very field of hemlocks,
where we sowed seeds of our immoral deeds,
shedding sins as we pass through,relationships with poisoned roots.
blooming and budding, 
we bask ourselves in the sunlight,
blindly, in the suffering,
we must find the desire to love again.
we are men of faith,
dancing in the idleness of the streets,
producing motion in the still,
we stink of our desire,
overburdened in abundance of lust,
revoked abstinence.
we are men of faith,
displaced, isolated, abandoned, with no choice,
except to lay our belief in our demons,
clinging onto the bleakest rays of hope,
waiting for their redemption.
we find ourselves with the power of salvation,
yet we exist in agony, 
for we do not deem ourselves worthy of retribution.
avowed in matrimony to mortality
transcendence of faith over eternity
we are men of faith,
and the only thing we will depart with from this world,
is indeed everything but our faith.



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