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Mental exhaustion

Mental exhaustion

Fingers shaking unwillingly, hands balled up in fists subconsciously

Right eye twitching repetitively, tongue attached to the roof of the mouth

Feeling faint, but also wishing to faint

At least that way, you could get some rest

As the night seeps in and worries seem to fade,

The façade of comfort wears away as tensions never ease

Especially since your feelings don’t affect anyone else

And you stress never burdens another’s mind

So, with the excuse of your youth, they underestimate your mind

And the weight of the world that you carry along with it

But once your smile falters, they come of ease

And when your laughter bubbles, their tensions increase

For who could let you be happy

When they were feeling stressed?

Who could allow you piece of mind while they were near?

Even though you never let your worriers become theirs

There were no promises to reciprocate

The silent screams echo only in your mind

As you fall to the floor ever so lightly onto your knees

Mouth gaping open, facial muscles tense as if yelling

Endless waterfalls coming down your eyes

But rest assured, not a sound was heard

And you walk out with yet another stoic expression


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