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Philosophy – A Take on Perception

Philosophy – A Take on Perception

Often I wonder about how societies and the human world are built. We pick and choose things around us and give them names. We choose whether or not they are useful to us and give them value accordingly. It’s interesting to think about how everything we see or experience is never in an objective manner. We can only ever describe things in relation to ourselves. I personally cannot wrap my mind around the concept of characteristics. It is a fact that a metal for instance is a hard shiny object. It is hard only to me because when I touch it with my hands, my skin, it provides resistance. It is only shiny to me because my eyes perceive color and reflection of light a certain way. I can never know the true and real form of a metal independent of my sensations. People built this superficial world around themselves with science, technology, law, and economy. The scariest truth is that none of the things we know exist anywhere else but in our minds. If we did not create the theory of gravity the theory would not exist. If we ceased to understand language, literature would cease to exist. If money and mathematics was not understood in the human mind, economies would not exist. The solitary reason the world we have built around us ‘exists’ is because we are convinced as the human race that this is reality. Humans no longer live in their natural form in the natural world. Efforts are made to satisfy their urge as animals in the natural world through vacations and weekend getaways but really we’ve delved so deep in to the world of technology and modernism that the natural world has become irrelevant. Humans have successfully lodged themselves in an awkward space between the natural world and the superficial world. We have infected our minds with artificial needs and requirements like education and money. When humans were no longer straining to survive, they had time to make up systems and hierarchies to create societies. It is a widespread belief that societies were made for procreation. In my understanding, societies were built to establish a superior and inferiors. Societies and government like structures initially were created by instilling fears within people; convincing them that certain measures had to be taken for survival. The church lied to the peasants about monsters lurking in the forests and god demanding donation and martyrdom to enter heaven. Now, governments and authorities haunt us with stories of economic recession, unemployment, famine and a fear of losing identity. 



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