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POV of a liar

POV of a liar

“I love you too”

It slips away from my mouth faster than I know

A smooth, heartless lie I couldn’t help but tell

After all, the truth couldn’t help me

Could you honestly blame me?

“I didn’t mean it”

I’m sorry you couldn’t take reality

I guess that’s your issue, but what good would the truth do?

So I’ll slip away unbothered

And ignore your obvious faults

“I forgive you”

I hate you for what you did

But in this game I’m playing

In this party that I’m hosting

You’re just a toy, and just so you can play on

I’ll lie like I don’t care

The lies will build the towers of my kingdom

And I’ll thrive in my world

My personal chessboard

As you say you know me well

But you only know what I tell you


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