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The Digitalisation of Art: COVID-19’s very own “IT” Culture?

The Digitalisation of Art: COVID-19’s very own “IT” Culture?

COVID-19 has spread like wildfire and these unprecedented circumstances have caused pandemonium. To make sure mundane life does not permanently halt, companies and different professions have moved online – especially, artistic mavens. Artists of all types have had to come together and create a new and improved space to fuel creative minds.

Known for their endless supply of creativity and innovation, artists have found a way to persevere, even in these trying times with art galleries and museums closing down. The trend of online galleries, theatrical performances and competitions has built momentum. Even in Pakistan, one can see various incredibly successful examples. In terms of acting, the prestigious ‘Ajoka theatre‘ provides an array of opportunities. With acting classes and competitions, like the ‘Coronalouge’, thespians have discovered a new means of expression.

Instagram has been a powerful vessel to express one’s artistic desire and the perfect example of that has been the ‘Museum of Scroll.’ This online gallery has not only been a godsend in these testing times but has reinvented the idea of an art gallery. The aim behind this gallery is as follows: ‘The Museum Of Scroll is an initiation founded by a group of graduates from Beaconhouse National University. Amidst the global COVID19 outbreak, Mariam Waheed, the founder, brought about the digital platform for artists and writers.

The Internet has transformed the way we look at almost everything. It has become a platform to sell, perform, share and perhaps live a different life against a virtual background. Social media is an essential aspect of the Internet that is widely popular. 

Hence, it has become a strong platform in sharing and communicating artistic concerns, processes and ideas.

The ongoing global situation has made us realise the importance of social media as a means of networking, educating and inspiring others. Now more than ever, it is imperative to consciously use this powerful medium to share authentic artistic concerns without conforming to existing rules. By doing so, we as artists question the idea of a gallery, open dialogue to what art can or cannot be, and question the accepted traditions of displaying art.

Instagram is now a space with the same gallery-like austerity that eradicates the privilege associated with art. It will make words like ‘display’, ‘curation’, and ‘exhibition’ take on new meanings. It is especially helpful in times like these, where essentially ‘buying’ art isn’t a priority but that doesn’t mean you can’t view it. It also gives artists and creative people to think beyond their usual medium of working and gives them a chance to come together as a community. Given our love for grand institutions, the Museum of Scroll challenges the idea of a traditional gallery.

Their first show called ‘Double Tap’ launched on May 20th, 2020 on Instagram, featuring almost 30 artists, writers and designers! The show continued till June 20th, with new artworks and exciting live sessions with participating artists each day.’

Los Angeles has levelled up its digital art advancements by promoting the hashtag #theboardfromhome, of its extremely popular digital art Studio “The Board ‘. Moreover, the online museum, “The British Museum”, with its recent acquisitions by Damien Hirst, features over 4.5 million art objects from 2 million + records. 

Even in these unforeseen and lamentable circumstances, creatives have taken their future into their hands; such endeavours have helped budding artists. All the above (and more) shows that this community is not going to back down in the face of adversity at any cost.


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