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The Forsaken

The Forsaken

The seeker stalks the wildest of dreams

The wanderer treads a path unknown

The key bearer has left the soul

Unattended, wild paths arise

This tale is not one you share at a campfire

For it is one full of your darkest desires

That bring tint to a pale face

And cast you into the light

Oh wanderer, tell me- what is it that you seek?

Fortune, love or subtle peace?

Or is it the darkness in your eyes

That you explore, only to get lost inside

Key bearer, return to your home

For the wanderer is treading paths unknown

The seeker has caught its first treasure

And it might just be its last

Save the lost souls before they collide

And twist their fates into envious light

Because when they do, the light itself

Will project them into pits deeper than hell

The land of the forsaken, members unknown

Whose stories will rid you of merciful nights


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